Life on the hill

photo (8)As I said in my “About” section, we live in my husband’s family home, Squirrel Hill.  I named the place when we moved in here in 1984.  I felt at that time that any good country home needed a name and this one fit the bill for many reasons.  There have been plenty of Squirrels on this hill for many years (both the furry brown kind, and the human ones as well).  As my children can surely attest, I have often said that you need to be a bit “off “to live up here.  I have had a love/hate relationship with the hill since I moved in.

When my in-laws bought the place in 1955 it had been uninhabited for several years.  It was in need of quite a bit of TLC, and has and will be the source of many handyman projects for years to come. It had a wonderful view of Chautauqua Lake, much like this and still does, although the trees keep growing each year and it is getting smaller and smaller.

Jim and I have raised three daughters here. They have now all grown and (almost) all of them have left us here. Our oldest is married and lives in England with her husband and our only grandchild.  The middle one has moved out to live the single life in Pittsburgh – just a short drive away for a weekend shopping trip!  Our youngest is a college student in Cleveland, Ohio, presently doing a semester abroad in England a few hours away from her older sis.

So here we are….my spouse of 30 years and our menagerie, living and dreaming up on the hill.  We have beautiful sunrises, aggravating winters and lovely summers.  The house  has has been here for over 50 years of our family’s growing and changing…from baby steps to graduation parties. From Summer 4th of July celebrations to Christmas mornings.

Follow along as we move into the next stages, and see what tomorrow will bring…


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