Well, hello there!

Greetings to you all from the Hill!

I have decided to start this endeavor for various reasons….I have felt that I wanted to record my thoughts for a while now, but I have made a thousand excuses not to start. I guess today is the day that I run out of those excuses…so I will begin here.

First I would like a record for my children and grandchildren of what life is like on the hill.  It’s an interesting place here, with a lot of history.  They have all left us now, so I thought this could be their “taste of home”.

I also thought that by recording my thoughts as I begin again/sans children, I might actually discover myself…the old “what will I be when I grow up” question. I know that I am not many of the things that others perceive me to be, or even that I believe I am, so I am hoping that this forum will help me to explore and identify ME.

Finally, I am just completely enthralled by the blogging world.  All of those people out there with something to show me. I could read about other peoples lives for days. I hope that these snippets of my own life’s thoughts and dreams can blend in with all of the others and make someones day more interesting.

Thanks for reading…I hope that I don’t bore you to tears. But at least if I do, I will never know it! You can move on to the next one without me ever feeling a thing! That is a great thing for someone like me.  I can continue to blather on without a care.



2 thoughts on “Well, hello there!

    1. Thanks for all of the support. I follow you as well on all forums 🙂 I do have twitter…my account is @salome0323. I hope to make blogging a new habit. I have wanted to start for a while, but lacked proper motivation. I appreciate the encouragement!

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