Dear Fee,

I have decided that I have a love/hate relationship with airplanes.  I love them because they bring you to me, but I hate them because they take you away.

I also have a feeling that in just a few short hours you are going to be literally screaming your way across the Atlantic Ocean on your way home to see your Daddy…probably driving your Mama and Auntie Ky (not to mention a number of other passengers) straight around the bend!  I can’t say as I blame you – I hate that flight myself and have often felt like screaming for most of it as well.

We had such a lovely visit, though. It is not good at all that you had to come for such a sad occasion, but Poppa and I were very lucky to spend your first Thanksgiving with you and your Mama.  We were very sorry that your Daddy couldn’t come as well, but then it’s not really his holiday, is it?

You got to meet nearly all of our relatives on your Poppa’s side of the family, and you even got to spend a nice afternoon with your Great Grandma Jean.

You taught yourself a few things while you were with us, including how to pull yourself up on the sofa, and you learned how to play Pat-a-Cake.  You even met Santa for the very first time – although I don’t think you were really very impressed!


Max and Moe will really miss having breakfast with you every morning.  They sure looked sad when you were leaving.  We will have to throw a couple of pieces of bananas on the floor for them once in a while in your honor!

I can’t wait to see you again this summer.  What a wonderful time we will have when you are able to run around outside and enjoy the hill in the sunshine.

I hope that you pay no mind to the awful people who will likely scowl and stare and make rude comments on the airplane.  They do not love you like I do!

Go easy on your Mama for the next few days.  She did a pretty good job taking care of you all by herself with only a little bit of help from us (and quite a bit from Auntie Ky on the plane).  She could use a rest!

I will talk to you very soon on the computer, and I will miss you every day until I see you again.

Love you very much,



You love Poppa’s moustache!


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