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November has been a hard month on the hill this year.  It is not my favorite month to begin with – I don’t like cold at all and I have to say that I HATE snow. **spoiler alert** (That is definitely not the last time you will hear that statement in the next few months) Thanksgiving has always been a difficult holiday for me because I am not really excited about spending all day cooking a meal that is eaten in 20 minutes and then takes 2 more hours to clean up after. On top of that, I usually have to work the next day, so it is, in fact, not a “holiday” AT ALL.

This year November was especially difficult because we lost our Patriarch.  I have mentioned my wonderful father-in-law in previous posts here and here. We are sad and a bit lost, but very thankful to have had him as our own. His passing did give us a chance to reconnect with family, reflect on all that he gave us, and to laugh and reminisce about the stories of the past and the fun that has been had here on the hill over the past SIX decades.

There was some good to be had in November, though, and that was an unplanned visit by our two daughters who currently reside in England and most especially our Granddaughter, Fee! (Everyone else refers to her by her given name of Sophia, but I prefer Fee – small and cute, with a little bit of snap just like she is).photo (18)

We had planned to have our first Thanksgiving with no children and I was filled with a mixture of sadness and relief. I was missing all of them and thinking about the chaos (and fun) that ensues when everyone is here, but somewhat relieved at the thought of a quiet and serene day.  That changed, of course, when they all decided to come home.  The past 10 days have been a whirlwind of activity (and laundry) around here again, but we truly loved (almost) every minute!

We also had all three of our daughters together for a couple of days and that was very nice.  Who knew when they were all here growing up how hard it would be to get them together under the same roof at the same time?  It is wonderful to see them interact now…three beautiful, successful women.  It is so interesting to observe all the ways that they have changed, yet stayed the same.  And who doesn’t like playing Super Mario at 10pm?

This picture was actually LAST year...why didn't we take any this year??
This picture was actually LAST year…why didn’t we take any this year??

November is also when I finally decided to start recording all of the things that swirl around in my head here in this space.  I feel like I have made a respectable enough start, even if my subjects this month were not what I had originally intended.  Please indulge me the somber tone of my first few posts.  I hope that in the weeks and months to come I will begin to share the lighter side of life on the hill as well as the tragedies.

We now have the expectation of the month of December and Christmas (along with this accountant’s ever dreaded year-end), and then the wonderful anticipation of our return to our island “home” in February.  I hope to share a little bit of why I love this place so much. If you know me at all you know that I visit Isla Mujeres every day in my head and am not afraid to speak of it every opportunity that arises.


Thanks to those of you who have stopped by this place and encouraged me.  I think I will have a lot more to say now that the quiet has returned.

(Is it bad that I enjoy the peace a little bit?)

See you soon!


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