Stuck between the seasons

We have been in a bit of a December funk around here.  The upheaval of November has been followed by a sort of fugue state up here on the hill.

We are beginning to anticipate and prepare for Christmas, but with no real sense of organization or purpose.  A few lists have been made, and presents have been purchased, but the harvest gourds still sit in the basket in the entryway.  The Christmas wreath is hung just above them on the wall.  There are pumpkins by the doorway, and the small tree is lit. We are definitely stuck between Thanksgiving past and Christmas to come!


It was my hope over the past weekend to remove the traces of fall and begin Advent (albeit a week late), but alas we are just stuck! I did throw away the Indian corn and Jim took down the stalks outside, but the mums need to be disposed of and the outdoor lights need to be hung before snowfall makes the job unpleasant.

I am not a Thanksgiving Christmas decorator.  I insist on a live tree, so I really don’t want it hanging around for 4 or 5 weeks, dropping needles and beginning to look tired and old. I am, however, an Episcopalian who does like to anticipate the coming of Christmas by celebrating Advent.  Why, then, do we always bury the Advent wreath under all of the other decorations, so that we are unprepared that first (or second, or third) Sunday?

This year I purchased new candles for the wreath.  I am sorry to say that they are still sitting, wrapped in tissue, on the buffet in the family room.  Why is it that when I start thinking about this…early in the fall…it seems like we have loads of time to prepare, but then December arrives and the clock starts spinning furiously, the days passing by in a whirl?

My schedule this week calls for me to be out of the house every evening, and work looms heavy as it does throughout the last month of the year every December.  Here’s hoping that my wonderful spouse will string the lights and bring down the boxes so that I can begin decking the halls around here!

I hope that by this weekend we will have finally “caught the Christmas spirit”, and it will begin to look a bit more like this around here.




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