Decking the Halls

Since the kids have gone, I don’t get as excited about decorating for Christmas.  It seems like there is nobody here to see it, so why bother?

When they were growing up we went as far as having two trees some years – one for their accumulation of ornaments and another “formal” tree in the living room with glass balls and silver beads. It was a family event decorating the trees, usually done with a bit of coaxing – but we did it together, along with Christmas music and it really got me in the mood to do the rest of the house.

I still have a glass ball that was made for me by my first grade teacher in 1967.  It has been our tradition to place it on the tree first, front and center – the place of honor. It is amazing that I have been able to save it all of these years and I am quite proud of it.

First Grade Ornament

As I said in a previous post, this year we have been having a bit of trouble starting the decorating process. This weekend, however, our middle daughter and her boyfriend had decided to come home for a visit,  so that was incentive to make the house look a bit more Christmasy before they arrived.

It was a pretty busy week, so Jim and I worked on the tree a little bit each night. He did the lights and beads and I helped with the ornaments. It was more of a chore to get it done – no Christmas music or cocoa to be had this time – but we finished it by Thursday.  It looked quite pretty in the living room and we actually enjoyed looking at it as it warmed the corner by the sofa.

The kids arrived home and we immediately went out for a bite to eat and a couple of drinks.  Imagine our horror when our daughter came out of the bathroom when we got back home and exclaimed “Guys you had better come look at this!”


We really have no idea how it happened. Max (our yellow lab – and the culprit of most of the mayhem here on the hill) was in the kennel, so we can’t blame him. Morley, our chocolate, just isn’t the mischievous type.  I suppose it could have been a cat, but they are getting along in age and really haven’t shown much interest in the tree all week.  I guess we will never know. I am happy to report that my ornament survived the fall completely unscathed.  Luckily the kids were here to help with the clean up and we all laughed at the mess – what else could we do?

It looks like today’s festivities will now include purchasing (and decorating) another tree.  At least we will have some help this time!


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