Love them

Today my youngest is on her way home from a three month stint in York, England. My middle daughter was home last weekend for a quick “vacation” from her life in Pittsburgh. My oldest and her husband and my granddaughter are preparing for their first real family Christmas in Cambridge, England, where they have lived for the past five years.

Who knew all those years ago when we were so busy preparing for the holiday while chasing three very busy cherubs around the place that they would be spread so far and wide? While it is a bit sad to have them all so far away at any given time, I have to say that we are just as close as we would be if they lived two doors away.

I am so proud of my children and their sense of independence and adventure.  I only wish that when I was their age I had half of the curiosity about the rest of the world, or their courage to go out and try new things in new places. All three are strong, beautiful women today. I have no doubt that they will all experience wonderful things in their lives, and I will continue to encourage them to get out there and do just that.

In light of the events these past few weeks in Oregon and especially in Newtown, Connecticut, it has been only natural to want to hold our families close.  We never know just how much time we will have together. That makes every moment precious.


It is slightly terrifying as a parent when you realize that you can’t keep them safe from every danger that will cross their paths.  As a self-admitted controlling mother, I am always reminding them to “text me when you get there” and keep in touch.  My children almost always oblige my demands cheerfully…I hope that it is because they know that I will always love and protect them to the best of my ability, no matter where they are.

It is simply all we can do as parents. Love them, support them, encourage them. It’s really all they ask


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