A visit to the Steel City

One of the nicest things about having children who live in other cities is the ability to visit them from time to time.  Last weekend was just such a time that BOTH my husband and I got to “get away” to Pittsburgh, PA to spend a couple of days with our middle child.

She has a very comfortable apartment just outside of the city and is a wonderful hostess. Her sister (the youngest) was gracious enough to babysit (I would say dog sit, but it REALLY is babysitting with those two) the “boys” for the weekend.

Saturday was crisp and beautiful.  It was quite sunny and not too cold, so we decided to park at the Casino and take the T to Station Square, where we rode the Monongahela Incline to the top of Mt. Washington to admire the view:PIttsburgh skyline








After that we visited the Shops at Station Square. photo (31) I had been here several years before, and I had to admit that they are sadly run down.  There wasn’t much to be found here, but we did have a bit of fun, tasted some regional wines and saw an impressive Gingerbread House village.  Apparently the artist (who was on-site, happy to tell everyone who would listen about his creation) had been working on it since the  past February! I think it was the last day that it would be available for viewing, and that’s ok because 11 month old candy can be a little scary!!


photo (24)

While we were there we decided to go to The Melting Pot for lunch.  The men were a little wary of a lunch of things dipped in cheese and chocolate, but after we got started they were seriously impressed! Lunch was great – if pricey – and a lot of fun! We only did three of the four courses – cheese, salad and chocolate.  I know I am dieting, but who can go for fondue and not have chocolate?? (Besides, I actually ended up losing last week…it must have been the walking!)


After our lunch we decided to ride back to the Casino and try our luck.  I am not a real gambler, so after I spent my $20 dollar budget in about ten minutes, I retired to one of the many comfortable bars and drank wine and checked my smart phone while the rest of them had a great time.  My lucky husband even won enough to pay for the entire weekend! 537425_4717380809187_864953629_n

By the time they were done gambling, we were in need of sustenance again, so we decided to splurge and went to Joe’s Crab Shack in Robinson for a late dinner.  I had decided that seafood would be good because of the diet, but honestly, I was very disappointed in the restaurant. The prices there are so high for what you get…..if it hadn’t been “found” money I would have felt much worse, though.

photo (251)On Sunday we grabbed a quick breakfast and then headed over to IKEA.  If you have never been there, it is definitely worth the visit, but just know ahead of time it is an expedition not a quick shopping trip.  It was so interesting to see all of their wares set up as if they were already in use! I got a lot of good ideas and even found a bed/wardrobe that I like – I might just have to buy it when I finally redo my bedroom next summer. (Like THAT is going to happen!)

After the obligatory “parents are in town, better stock up on stuff” trip to Target we headed home, tired but happy to have had a small adventure.

These guys were happy to see their Dad…I believe this is how they spent most of the weekend. waiting for Dad

Thank you to our lovely daughter and her boyfriend for showing us a great time! Now I need a weekend to rest up from my weekend!


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