Four bags of flour and a small watermelon

Losing weight when you are over fifty is no mean feat.  Now that I am 15 weeks into the program (Weight Watchers – again), I figured it was about time for an update. At this point I have lost 23 pounds.  On paper that looks terrific. And i guess if I were to fill my shopping basket with the weight I have lost it would be full of the items in the title of this post.  It would be hard to carry around the store, and I would wish that I had chosen a cart instead.  That, I suppose, is a victory.

Now, I am not begging for praise here, because at this point I have a long way to go. Honestly, when I began this journey I thought I would be much farther along by now.  I was hoping that by the time we left for Mexico next week that I would be at least 40 pounds down.  I now know that was a bit optimistic, especially since I cannot exercise like a normal person, but hey…I really needed motivation.

Now that I have tried on all of my shorts and tank tops and determined that I will be wearing the same ones that I did two years ago –  not the ones from 2008 when I was relatively happy with my size,  I guess I am thankful that a) I didn’t give them all away and b) I didn’t have to buy a LARGER size.


So here are some observations from my first three months of my journey this time:

  • What they say about aging and weight loss is true.  The last time I tried to lose a significant amount of weight I was in my early forties.  Then I lost over five pounds the first week!  This time it has been a steady two –  or less – each week. I am happy for the small losses and I know this is the healthy way to do it, but I miss the days when I lost so much at the beginning.  It made the latter part of the journey easier because it felt like I had a head start.
  • I miss running.  Water aerobics is my substitute, and although it feels good NOTHING feels as good as the endorphin rush of having completed a 2.5 mile run.  I am envious of my running friends.  All I can say is enjoy it while you can!
  • It is so much easier to diet now that my cupboards are not filled with crap.  Now when we go to the store, Jim and I buy only the things that we plan on eating.  No more Little Debbie cupcakes and salt and vinegar potato chips.  He does indulge in pretzels from time to time, but since these are not my favorites I am usually ok. (Unless I have had a glass or two of wine).
  • While losing weight with a partner is motivating…it can also be a bit more frustrating.  Why is it that men lose weight so much easier than women? Jim has a lot less to lose than I do, so it kills me that he is so successful.  I attempt to be loving and supportive of his efforts, but it makes me so angry that he makes it look so easy! Sometimes I even find myself sabotaging his efforts. “Hey honey, why don’t you order that special tonight so I can try a bite?” I should be ashamed of myself, but I figure he can gain and lose it 10 times by the time I am anywhere near my goal, so I am really helping myself, right?
  • Sometimes a bad day is worth half of your points in alcohol. I mean, you can eat spaghetti squash and fat free Parmesan for dinner and still have lots of points left over to help you past the workday from hell! Seriously, who knew that craft beer was 6 points a serving?? I have decided that weighing in on Friday is worth it, that way I have all week to recover from any stress relief that I have indulged in over the weekend.
  • PORTION CONTROL! Enough said.

I have one more weigh in before we leave.  I am not hoping for miracles, but a nice round twenty five pounds would be great.  I figure that is a large enough number that I can’t possibly gain it all back in 12 days.

I hope.


6 thoughts on “Four bags of flour and a small watermelon

  1. Great job!!! on WW proud of you both! I went back tonight to WW I haven’t been since Nov. and told myself it was ok since I went through sadness…I should just eat! Well thank goodness I only gained 2lbs…so now pumped up reading your success!! Thanks for the lovely stories love them!!!

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