Rested and…

Ahhhh....It’s official.  The mood here on the hill is definitely “Post Isla Depression”.  I believe that since our last trip was so long ago, we forgot about this stage.  We both feel tired and out of sorts, a bit of a cross between coming down with something and exhaustion. It will pass, I know, but for now I am wallowing.

In the meantime, here are a few (mostly unedited) pictures from our trip. We had a wonderful, relaxing time. We ate too much (and I only gained TWO pounds!?!), watched countless sunrises and sunsets, visited with old friends, met new friends, walked, swam and enjoyed each other’s company.  It was blissful and relaxing and it ended far too soon.

Only 11 or 12 months until we can do it all again…..and so the countdown begins!


6 thoughts on “Rested and…

  1. Great shots–I’m glad I’m one of the new friends–wish we had had more time to chat! maybe another visit–I’m starting to plan for June & next Jan/Feb!

    1. Thank you. Our brief visit was definitely a highlight of this trip. I wish we had taken a picture! We are thinking March next year. It’s too hard to come back to all of this winter. I am jealous of your June trip…I can’t wait to see YOUR photos!

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