Sometimes the “real” world gets in the way

You may (or may not)  have noticed that I haven’t been around much as of late.

I actually have been doing some writing and blogging – just not here in my own space!

My “real” position ( and by that I mean the work that I actually receive pay for) is as the CFO  at a 208 bed, privately owned Assisted Living facility. We also have a specialized Memory care unit, as well as an Adult Daycare/Wellness facility and six stand alone independent residences.  Over the past year or so my job description has evolved to include Social Media.

I have been coordinating three different Facebook pages, a Twitter account, and a Pinterest account for my employer. We have done some really fun things – like a Flash Mob and a few contests, and I think we are actually beginning to get some results in terms of employee satisfaction and family interaction, and hopefully we are beginning to establish our brand and expertise in our local area.

These new duties have added a bit of spark to my otherwise dry daily routine of spreadsheets and numbers, and I am really enjoying it! Recently we amped up our offerings to including a blog.  I have been assembling and editing the content, and I am actually pretty proud of how it is shaping up.

If you feel so inclined, please give it a look. (If you enjoy any of  what you see – or even find it helpful, please feel free to “follow” us as well)  You can click on the logo below to go directly to the page.

The Tanglewood Group Blog

I would love to hear your comments on any of our posts.  Let me know what you think!

All of this extra writing has made it hard for me to concentrate on my own thoughts. I miss sharing them here – my “to do” list for this blog is growing long! Hopefully this weekend I can take some time to share them.

See you soon!


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