Never trust your waistband, no matter what it tries to tell you

It is definitely time for an update.  Not another reblog or fuzzy cell phone picture – or even a rework of a one of the drafts that currently reside on my hard-drive, but a real honest-to-goodness update.

Since it is nearly the six month anniversary of the beginning of my ongoing quest for good health and less girth, I suppose that I should bring you up to speed with my progress so far.

As of last Friday, I have officially lost 30 lbs.  An accomplishment, for sure, but before I get too self-congratulatory, I must confess that I am not even half way to my goal – and it is a conservative goal, at that. Let’s see…25 weeks/30 pounds – that is only 1.2 pounds a week. (sigh) However, to put it in perspective, during that time period there have been three major holidays that involve food (five if you count Halloween and New Year’s), we went on a two week vacation to Mexico and we suffered the loss of two important family members.  With all of that considered, I suppose it isn’t terrible, but I would like to have done better.

I am now at that wonderful/awful time when I am beginning to shop my own closet, finding things that I have long forgotten that I had. My current wardrobe is starting to have a “bag-lady” type of vibe to it.  My slacks are baggy in the front and back, and they are starting to get too long to wear without heels.  That wonderful “wow, my clothes feel loose” feeling is quickly turning into “do I really look like I have a load in my pants?”, so I know it is time.

I have done this all before, so I have several items of clothing to choose from at various size levels. Luckily, most of them haven’t gone seriously out of style (or I am actually now so old that my style could be considered “ageless”) Last weekend I dug around a bit and came up with several pairs of jeans! Who knew? I think I must have acquired this particular size at two different times in my life, because I have NEVER had this many pairs of jeans at the same time! I also found a few work pants and a couple of pairs of capris.  This being said, I still needed a few basics.  You know; black slacks, tan slacks – my mother always taught me to buy only black, tan and brown because “they never go out of style”. This actually required a trip to the department store.  Armed with my new size information, I ventured out to stock up.

I have to say that shopping for pants is my LEAST favorite thing. I can never seem to find what I want and our small town has limited options. However, as I wandered around the store pulling my newfound size off the racks I felt confident, even smug. It was looking in a different area with more choices and I felt good. I entered the fitting room with a few of my finds.  I tried the first pair and as I pulled them to my waist I realized they were too tight. What???? I had worked so hard to get to this point – even waiting a few weeks longer than I really felt that I should have only to find that I needed a SIZE LARGER?? This was deflating.  I quickly hung them back up (to the best of my ability – I swear that they have a special way of hanging them that most normal people can never duplicate) and slunk back out of the store to my car.  Defeated.

Do you know those times in your life when you are sick of looking at the scale and you decide that you can tell how you are doing by “how your clothes feel”?

Yea. That.

IT’S A MYTH!!!! I cannot tell you how many times that I have convinced myself that I am doing ok because my clothes still fit. I am here to tell  you that type of thinking is just crazy talk.  Clothes stretch! Seriously. The smaller sized things that I had found in my closet were actually almost a size larger because I had worn them a little to long the last time.  They had expanded to accommodate me as long as they possibly could. This was quite a discouraging revelation.

I can tell you that it will be at least another month before I try again.  I refuse to spend good money on things in the size that I already wear (although I suppose you could actually call this “vanity sizing”), especially since I hope to end up a size or two smaller in the end. The world will just have to deal with my baggy, slightly sloppy self for a little while longer. Thank goodness that I did find a few things that look presentable in my archives, or I would have to become a hermit for the summer.

Let’s hope the next 30 comes off a bit more quickly…perhaps by the time the new winter items are on the racks??

Unfortunatley I am in the awkward baggy pants phase of weight loss
Thankfully I haven’t gotten to this point…..yet.
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10 thoughts on “Never trust your waistband, no matter what it tries to tell you

  1. Well, heck, I am incredibly impressed. 30 pounds is a LOT, and a consistent pound a week of weight loss is amazing. I am going to try to emulate your success, weird pant sizes or not!

    1. Thank you! I appreciate the compliment…at least at this point I know I can stick to it!! It does feel good to know that it is something that I can’t undo in a weekend. I have quite a way to go, though. 🙂

  2. Wonderful job Cheri on both the writing and the weight loss! Wish I could lose 30…so awesome…exercise , less carbs and what else????? How’s the little Sophia?
    Love to the family.

  3. Well you have motivated me to get busy! I come up with more reasons to not! Can’t workout having leg issues, no horse to ride he had t be retired …well enough excuses!!! 30 lbs I would be thrilled!
    Great job Cheri!!!! So proud of you! and LOVE to read the updates!!!
    Barb xoxoxo

    1. Thanks, Barb! So far I haven’t been able to do much working out at all. I have been doing water aerobics one day a week, but not much else. Hopefully I can get out with the dogs a bit (if spring ever comes) or maybe try a Yoga class. And yes, I am happy with the 30, but I have so far to go! I appreciate your kind words 🙂

    1. I agree about the spreading middle…I am trying to control mine with weightwatchers (again). Good luck to you with ‘myfitnesspal’. I did try that, but points are much less scary than calories for me. Thanks for the comment….I liked your blog very much!

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