Sunrise on the Malecon

Looking out my window at the sunrise this morning made me a little “homesick” for Isla.

One of our favorite things to do when we are there is to walk the Malecon on the Caribbean side of the island at sunrise.  It always fills me with hope and awe as I watch the sun emerge from the dark horizon each day. Honestly, the sunrises here on the Hill can be just as spectacular, but enjoying the very beginning of a day on Isla is one of life’s special pleasures for me.

This year I took along a new camera. Inspired by my friend Ann who had been taking wonderful pictures and posting them on Facebook every day, I tried to play with the settings a bit and see what would happen.

The mosaic below is a selection of a few of my favorite shots of the first day. For truly spectacular pictures of the island and lots of other beautiful things, you should really visit Ann’s blog  Jamqueen – Camerajunkie (click on the title for the link). If I could take beautiful photographs the way she does, you would not have to read my ramblings!


Tibetian Plateau railroad tracks
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As evidenced by this previous post, I am still plugging away at the weight loss/fitness game.

I don’t write about it much on here, because frankly it is pretty boring. For a while there I was averaging about 2 lbs a week…slow but steady losses. My total loss so far is more than a small child weighs. I should be happy with this accomplishment. Actually, I was happy a month ago, but since that time I have been stuck.

I have apparently reached the dreaded plateau. Mr. Webster defines a plateau as a relatively stable level, period or condition. I have been gaining and losing the same 2 pounds for the last five to six weeks. That’s pretty stable. Since I am not quite to my halfway mark, I find this problem discouraging. The last time I attempted a large weight loss project the first half came off relatively quickly. 5 pound losses in a single week were not unheard of. This time…..not so much.

There are several excuses reasons for the slow down, I am sure.  Changes in our schedule are a big part of it.  Our youngest is home for the summer, so we are cooking for one more person, which means there are more leftovers – especially since she often decides to eat somewhere else after we have planned dinner for all of us. If there is food in the house, I am bound to eat it. Also – can we talk about snacks? When it is just Jim and me here there ARE NO snacks.  I know that this really bothers my husband, but I do not hear him complaining when he steps on the scale and loses more than I do each week (have I mentioned that he is losing at a rate almost double to me? I fear that soon he will just disappear!) grrrr

There seems to be something about getting down near the “zero” of any 10 pound loss that makes the scale just freeze, like there is a barrier there before you get to the “nine” of the next 10 pounds! I have been a hair’s breadth away more than once, but I just cannot break through! Each Friday when I weigh in I blame it on the previous day…that stir fry must have had too much salt, I shouldn’t have eaten that apple before bed, etc.

Seriously? My husband can eat strawberry shortcake for dessert and still have a two-pound loss.  I eat a couple of dill pickles and an extra scoop of rice and I feel guilty.  Ok, ok…I did have pizza last week, but that was the first time in four months!!

Thank you for bearing with me while I shared my rant.  I really wasn’t looking for sympathy (well…maybe just a little). I will be stepping on the scale in a little while and I really feel like I had a good week.  I even went swimming twice this week.  Imagine that!

Wish me luck…