Sunrise on the Malecon

Looking out my window at the sunrise this morning made me a little “homesick” for Isla.

One of our favorite things to do when we are there is to walk the Malecon on the Caribbean side of the island at sunrise.  It always fills me with hope and awe as I watch the sun emerge from the dark horizon each day. Honestly, the sunrises here on the Hill can be just as spectacular, but enjoying the very beginning of a day on Isla is one of life’s special pleasures for me.

This year I took along a new camera. Inspired by my friend Ann who had been taking wonderful pictures and posting them on Facebook every day, I tried to play with the settings a bit and see what would happen.

The mosaic below is a selection of a few of my favorite shots of the first day. For truly spectacular pictures of the island and lots of other beautiful things, you should really visit Ann’s blog  Jamqueen – Camerajunkie (click on the title for the link). If I could take beautiful photographs the way she does, you would not have to read my ramblings!


4 thoughts on “Sunrise on the Malecon

  1. Thank you so much! It was so great to meet you & get to spend some time with you this winter. Maybe this will give me a push to get back to blogging! I know I will have lots more photos next week when we head back to Isla!

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